Sleepless Thoughts

In my mind I can see it, in my heart it is before me. An allegory thus far unfolded and filled with life for the first time…

The track clanks tirelessly around the rear sprocket, rubber road pads worn down falling off at random. Fuel running low all around with no more to transfer from the reserve tanks, turret power switching on and off, no more hydraulic fluid to fill the veins; the hot winds burn my face as I press forward. Across this desert of loneliness, my destination was unknown to me. The sand gets into everything and makes me uncomfortably weary. How much longer is this journey, what more distance must I go before she is found?

Indeed she is found! My lovely oasis is discovered, in her is found rest. She has drawn me away from my armor and has exposed me before the angels. She has caused me to reveal what was not known before, secrets guarded of hurt and desolation of a lifetime of rejection. Her words are as a healing ointment and her breath is sweet incense quickening my senses. When I retreat my love is quick to pull me up and restore me, I can not resist her. My windows she has opened and the rains fall again watering the forests of hope that were once thirsty.

At the first you bellowed the embers of my growing fondness of you, you at once caught my attention although it was me who first called on you. You displayed what attracts me to you so strongly, and cause me to pursue you tirelessly. I can sense every change in your countenance, I can feel every emotion you display, I hurt when you are hurting, I share in your joy when you are elevated. With my eyes you are not hidden from me, our hearts beat as one. Our desire and our plans will become one, our dreams and our thoughts will become one. I am sensitive to every change and follow accordingly in a flawless cadence, dancing in rhythm as the melody of our love becomes increasingly steadied reaching a crescendo of blissful tenderness. 

In our hands we will hold interlocking fingers, bracing one another for what will be. Through the trials and testing of life, we will lean on each other and we will not fall behind. You will walk slow so that I can keep up with you, and I will be watchful and look over you. I will hold you and protect you, I will embrace you and love you. We have found what few have and what others may never know. Our story is truly great, the pages filling quickly with chapters of devotion and cherished thoughts of one another. Who can understand love until it is found? It is only a word that strangers know of but have never felt its invigorating touch. It has left me intoxicated and helpless against you, in your eyes there is strength and beauty. In your face is noble delight, your heart is true and you have no comparison. No woman is likened unto you, not one can be found that burns as brightly, your intensity and pureness exceed all. You keep me up in the night and take away my slumber, my dreams are delayed by thoughts of you. Even now I sit sleepless writing of you my love.


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