In plainness to my love

The wind carries your name to me. Across the mountains and rivers it is laid gently onto my ear. The vision of your beauty comes before my mind reminding me of what lies ahead. I yearn to be with you my love, to hold your hand and stand at your side. I resolve to close this distance to come to you my darling. Looking into the heaven I pray for the time to come to fulfillment, let me go now!

Before you there was desolation and darkness, hopelessness and desertion. Left alone I petitioned the God of the Jews for mercy. A low gentile who begged for that which fell from their table, to find love for the first time. I know the truth and what is so, and I accept. He was good to me to bring me to you. Now I will become as you are and our home will be as you are, we will follow the God of Israel. A greater honor could not be imagined for those outside of the root of Abraham. I yield to you and to the truth you carry inside of you. Surly He has been merciful to me in you. I will convert and honor you and your family with happiness and a willing heart. What honor you give to me my love!

I have made the arrangements, I have prepared to journey to you. I will have nothing and have left all for you. I have changed my course and altered my destiny for you. You have taken me as a storm and I can not deny you. I will do anything for you. When I see you I melt away and fall before you. I can hear the sounds you make and they are like beautiful rain falling in the desert. I can see the movements of your body, the subtle changes in your face and read them all as a lovely novel I wish to read over and over. The words you paint for me are a symphony, wrought with a melody that haunts me at night in my dreams. Of all the peoples of the world I have you alone, and you have me.

What I can see in my heart, I can not for the first time describe wisely, you have made me to become a fool for you. My eloquence has left me and my skill is raised to ashes. In my desire to write of you, you have left me fumbling in a thing that I know well, this has not happened at any time until now. This letter is plain and open to you. My subtlety and craftiness in this art of wording is made to no effect because of you. You have taken my heart utterly. So I will then plainly say….I love you Kelly.


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