I will

When it rains, I will cover you. When it is hot, I will shade you. When it is cold, I will warm you. When you are afraid, I will comfort you. When you are sad, I will give you cheer. When it is heavy, I will take your burden. When it far, I will become your bridge. When it is long, I will wait at your side.

In the darkness of night when the world sleeps and you are alone, look up to the moon for I will gaze at it the moment that you do and we will be be together though many miles separate us. When you retreat inside of you mind and find sorrow, think of me and I will come into your heart and embrace you. Through perilous forests and sharp mountains, I will journey to you at long last and sit at your feet.

I will give you strength. I will give you solace. I will give you rest. I will give you joy. I will give you happiness. I will give you days of brightness. I will give you peace. I will give you my labor. I will give you my substance. I will give you my time. I will give you my life. I will give you my will. I will give you my desire. I will give you my strength.

In the day time we will steal away together and go to a secret meadow, a place in our hearts were the gentle breeze will brush against your cheeks, and the smell of lilacs and lavender will wash over you. The sun will warm your skin and the sound of tall grass will soothe your ears. The world will come away from you and from your shoulders and you will be renewed again.

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