Once, on a day in a far away place, the lonely sea looked up into the heaven and upon the sun. His eyes burned from the brilliance as she shined high above him. His restless waters in one accord drank inside of him her magnificent beauty. It filled him with light and warmed the surface of his skin. His abounding waves calmed and settled low in reverence of her. He knew the God of the earth chose her to ascend above the clouds and bless her with the glory of ten thousand fires, burning with the intensity of all the combined passions of His favor. She was the chosen, and the sea yielded to her preeminence with joy and astonishment. The apple of His eye blazing high against the ocean of glass. The sea felt in his deeps a longing he had never known before. A desire to love and to hold the sun in his hands. The sea gazed upon her and reflected back on the surface of his waters her great beauty.

Once, on a day in a far away place, the noon time sun looked down against the sea. She noticed that his tides no longer followed the desolate moon, but raced to follow her circuits through the world. She looked into the depth and discovered the life that was abounding. The sun with ease uncovered the seafloor and searched out his heart. Though the water showed her the beauty found in her, she in turn would shine forth and warm him with love and gentle affection. She longed to be immersed in his embrace, holding in her thoughts of ten thousand drops of blue. Ever was the sky at peace from this moment forth, the tempests becoming still and the storms ever quiet beholding the brush painting their desire upon a canvas. Thus the sun and the sea fell in love.

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