War is here. It falls from the ambiance and permeates my faculties. It is here, abounding on all sides of in and out. I can see it red like rust enveloping the superficial and corroding insides. I can see there is no escaping its presence as the way is infesting with its forms. I feel the concrete of the side walk I am walking along with my fingertips and smell resilience in the grit that breaks away. The sky I can see is like blood and waves of malevolence pass over my waning body. Do you think opposites exist here? No, only true and madness are the archetypes. The latter masks itself and deceives the masses. It is called as power full, but has no justification for its pseudo existence; the end of the melody melancholy is death and the end of death is truth prevailing at last. The greatest lie ever told, the most severe treachery! A sword will cut into the darkness as life is merely a breath passing away. War is here; ever is it with us. You and I are born into a system that is unbalanced and one that will topple broken soon impending. This war is neither of bullet nor explosion, atoms nor mass. The eye cannot see its manifestation unless it perceives the overworld. It is forever and evermore the same and is what is represented in the form of words themselves, building the foundations of the world, those great pillars in the earth. Your words can both kill and sustain. How ambivalently we blast their numbers into the atmosphere. The enemy is here. It waits for you, talks to you, and is with you. I can feel them hiding in the forests, and in the shadows; swimming at the bottom of the ocean. Leviathan is coming. Arm yourself, ride out to war and engage the enemy. Take heart for the lynchpin of those disfigured monsters is thin and easily plucked. They will fall and diminish at your roar. They will melt by your gleaming eyes searching them. Pour them out and distinguish your judgment against the dark madness. Execute your protocol with violence of action. Take them. Take those spirits who cower from your advancing cries. They never held power but the power humans have given. These things can I understand now or after, but the end is only the beginning.

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